Committed to

Innovation for inclusion

CLIKPAY Technologies Limited is a financial technology (fintech), founded in 2020, that builds and deploys mobile money and mobile banking solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa.

We have built and designed an ecosystem of world-class proprietary technology to enable digital transformations in the way merchants, businesses, consumers and governments manage payments and access finance across the formal and informal economy.

With our CLIKPAY proprietary solution, we partner with financial institutions that work towards financial, social and digital inclusion

Our solutions offer new ways of doing mobile banking, mobile money, credit scoring, and other value-added services that feature as part of a super payment app.

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Our Operations

CLIKPAY Technologies sources some of the best talent and technologies from some of the world’s most innovative hubs. Our ability to originate and mix ideas and solutions across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia gives us a unique competitive advantage.

Our Partners

We build strategic partnerships with strong private and public sector entities. We engage in mutually beneficial partnerships where we combine know-how, relationships, and resources to deliver high quality output.